One Year Corona Pandemic – The Poetry of Urban Spaces. A melancholic Journey


Michael Nguyen roamed various cities in Bavaria during the Corona pandemic. A focus of his works since COVID-19 are urban landscapes as well as urban spaces in different cities. Urban spaces can all enrich a life between buildings. Sports facilities, parking lots, bus stops, children's playgrounds, sidewalks, bike racks, shopping mall forecourts, and more are all places where necessary, voluntary, and social outdoor activities are possible and offer the opportunity to grow social life in the city. Since Covid-19, social interaction in the Urban landscapes with their spaces has lain fallow. Michael Nguyen conveys this sensitively in his mostly "deserted pictures“. Nguyen enters the motifs of his urban landscapes with a great deal of empathy. He makes the city, urban landscapes and architecture visible and documents them for posterity. With his artistic documentary photography he refers to a reality that we all know, but interprets this reality with his images. 


Without us

by Thanh Tung

Apartments. Office buildings. Playgrounds. Parks. Parking lots. They are built by us, made by us. They host us, watch over us, support us. They are where we meet, play, work and live. They are our partners in crime sometimes. But what if we are not there? How do they look like? How do they feel? Do they miss us? Do they know that we, humans, are so mortal, so fragile? That someday we're gone. This time temporarily maybe. Another time could be forever. So are they, someday. They're just some places in this world. Do we forget them in new places? Or do they still occupy someplace in our hearts and minds?


"One day by chance, left on my road is your footprint... The road is still waiting. But it's never seen someone's feet again." (Hoa Tim Ngoai San - a Vietnamese song)

Selection of 25 images

Creative Ruin

By the roadside # 614 Munich (Werksviertel)
The Werksviertel in Munich is a beloved alternative scene for local artists and innovators. The place is going under modernization and during Corona Crisis many old buildings are left demolished. But the creative community has made the best out of it. They make the destroyed place to be enjoyable and to make us think about our modern world.

Streetart painting by artist Matthias Mross.. All Streetart on the area curated by artist Loomit.

Add fresh Nature

By the roadside # 192 - Munich (Mira Shopping Center)
Buildings alone often would be still cold and rigid. Luckily trees come to play, to add fresh nature to liveable urban spaces. The Mira shopping center opened in 2008 in the Munich district Nordhaide The West, North, and northern half of the Eastern facades, with a total coverage of 5,800 square meters, was made of colored lacquered metal panels which were placed on the walls to form prisms.

No life Between

By the roadside # 99 – Munich
Student district Olympic Village Munich: The Olympic Village was built as part of the XX Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. The Munich architects Günther Eckert and Werner Wirsing built a student dormitory, which was used by the organizing committee as an Olympic village for women during the Olympic Games. The bungalows are still used as a student dormitory today. But there is no life between the houses.

Empty Urban Space

By the roadside # 216 – Munich
The Goldschmiedplatz is a 2.31-hectare urban open space at the northern end of Schleißheimer Straße in Munich's Hasenbergl district. It was originally a combined bus and train stop and is now a multifunctional open space for leisure and residents' activities. It was named after the founding family Goldschmied from the 14th century.  The place now is empty and looks death.


By the roadside # 67 - Wasserburg / Inn
Trees along streets and in parks shape the appearance of our cities. They contribute significantly to the well-being of the citizens in the city. The small tree in front of the red wall looks strong and gives people bit hope. It provides also variety and vitality in the streetscape.

The Hand That Built Another Germany

By the roadside # 307 Gauting
This eccentric golden hand statue is in front of a Nail/Cosmetics Studio owned by a Vietnamese immigrant. The immigrants, be it Vietnamese, Turk, Italian or else, are the ones who bring more colors to German modern culture as well as a greater dynamic force to the local economy. Many of our small service businesses will not survive in the Corona Pandemic.

Corona Conditioned

By the roadside # 1155 Munich
An urban space enriches life between buildings. In a park, necessary, voluntary and social outdoor activities are possible and offer the possibility of a growing social life in the city. Corona conditioned and because of the winter cold, only a single man goes for a walk.

Forbidden Games

By the roadside # 932 Gauting
A refugee shelter on the side of the road in Gauting, Bavaria. Corona infections among the residents do not allow the children and teenagers to play table tennis or in the sandbox. The space created seems orphaned.

Deserted Station

By the roadside # 1127 Munich
A Munich bus station at an university hospital during the Corona Lockdown in early December 2020 on a hazy winter day. The greened median strip allows the viewer to stray into an uncertain future. A single bus with its headlights on waits for passengers at the almost deserted station.

Going out for Buying Food

By the roadside # 68 - Wasserburg / Inn
A man with a red backpack and a respirator mask walks back to his apartment after shopping food. The white walls of the house are cold, the streets deserted.


By the roadside # 71 - Wasserburg / Inn
Like so many stores and service businesses, alteration tailors closed during the lockdown. Likewise fashion stores. A lone mute valet wearing a lady's dress and white scarf stands lonely protesting on the sidewalk.

In a Narrow Alley

By the roadside # 78 - Wasserburg / Inn
A lonely little tree in a narrow alley in the picturesque Bavarian town of Wasserburg by the river Inn. He looks sullen in his dark almost lightless surroundings.

Fenced in

By the roadside # 523 Andechs
A security in protective clothing and mouth- nose mask on the premises of a refugee shelter in Andechs, Bavaria. He sits behind the fence in front of four clothes racks on which clothes are hanging to dry. The refugee shelter is sealed off after a Corona outbreak.


By the roadside # 509 Andechs
Andechs Monastery (Starnberg District) is closed to visitors during the Corona Lockdown. The visitor parking lot empty as usual only at night.

The Skull is waiting

By the roadside # 506 Tutzing
In front of a house on a main street in the Bavarian town of Tutzing, where the Thai king owns a villa, the residents have erected a wooden cross on which a skull is impaled. In front of it a white painted bench with a flower pot.

Fenced Circus

By the roadside # 211 – Munich
"Only with mask. Please keep your distance" is written on the poster on the left of the picture at the fenced circus in a northern district in Munich. A father with his son is talking to a teenage employee of the circus.


Stacked Tables

By the roadside # 641 Munich
Stacked tables of a restaurant next to the fire extinguishing system outside. For restaurateurs, as for many others, times threatening the existence.



The Group Talk that we Missed

By the roadside # 26 - Eichstätt
These chairs in front of a history museum in Eichstatt (Germany) are used to be occupied by the visitors to discuss their visit or whatever topic. But with the current pandemic, museums closed, such discussions cannot take place.


Schools are Closed

By the roadside # 403 Munich
The bike racks on the forecourt of the Municipal Robert Bosch Vocational School for Economics are waiting for the students. Schools are closed, and young people are home-schooled online.

Robust and Weatherproof

By the roadside # 396 Starnberg
Bus stop at Starnberg Nord bus station: Rustic-Cosy. Like in the country. A hand-crafted wooden cottage. Robust and weatherproof. People should avoid public transportation and work in a home office if possible.

Safe During the Corona Lockdown

By the roadside # 826 Munich
A man has a large transparent glass dome above him, which is decorated inside for Christmas. He is walking through a shopping mall to the exit and waits on the sidewalk for new visitors or passers-by. People are amazed and mauset. Do they understand the message: "Protect yourselves from Corona"?

An Evening Stroll

By the roadside # 837 Munich
In front of the Corona Test Station at the Munich Residenz in the evening hours. Two security men are talking to a lady in front of the entrance.

Much Emptier

By the roadside # 1000 Nuremberg
A man stands with mouth noses protection in front of a red wall in a parking garage in Nuremberg. Because of the downshift in public life, city parking garages are also much emptier than they were before Corona.

A lonely Sculpture

By the roadside # 1171 Weßling
A lonely sculpture at the frozen Lake Weßling during the Corona Lockdown in January 2021. Leisure activities and nature experiences play an important role for our everyday life as a balance. Nature in the urban environment is indispensable for the local recreation of people in urban areas. Many local governments close recreation areas to day trips by travelers from other regions as a Corona protection measure.

Recreational Area

By the roadside # 457 Herrsching
The cafés and restaurants in the recreational areas near the cities are also closed, as here at the Lake Ammer in Bavaria's Herrsching.



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