Silence (ongoing)

Michael Nguyen's ongoing series "Silence" shows photographs taken in various cities. Many of this pictures primarily show outdoor shots of urban design at the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology. The shown interior shots almost seem like still life.

Complete silence is perceived by many people as unpleasant and frightening because of the resulting lack of acoustic orientation in the room. Silence in the sense of a quiet environment can have a calming effect due to the absence of disturbing noises, increase concentration on an activity, performance and well-being, and support religious feelings.

The human being is at the mercy of noises, he acts in his background noise. Silence can symbolize the anticipation of an approaching incident.

In many of pictures of this series Michael Nguyen uses the reduction of color saturation as a stylistic device, in some other pictures he additionally reduces the structure. For him, both emphasize the calm and uncertainty of "The Calm before the Storm".

The series was awarded with Honorable Mention at the TIFA Tokyo International Photo Awards 2020.

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