By the roadside 1: Noble edition – Series „By the roadside – Urban Landscape“ and „Heimat Gauting: By the roadside & On the road in the Starnberg District“ in landscape format – Selected motifs in a Noble edition – framed behind museum glass – motif 60 x 40 cm – Signed edition – Choose your photography


Echter Fotoabzug hinter Mirogard Museums Glass
Kodak Pro Endura Matt Papier
signiert & Signaturstempel
Motiv Größe: ca.. 60 x 40 cm

Passepartout weiss 12 cm
Außenmaß: ca. 87,7 x 67,7 cm
Rahmen: Profil 20 mm, Eiche schwarz

Verglasung: Mirogard Museum Glas
Inkl. Aufhängvorrichtung

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Available in this Edition selected images from the series:
„By the roadside – Urban Landscape“ and  „Heimat Gauting: By the roadside & On the road in the Starnberg District“

Kodak Pro Endura Matt convinces: With bright highlights, high contrasts and 100 years of color fastness, it is rightly considered the best photo paper of the manufacturer. The genuine photo prints on Kodak Pro Endura are exposed by modern laser exposure and then classically chemically developed.

The museum board is cut at an exact angle and is flush with the photo. The mounts are individually cut to size and are made of acid-free and extremely light-resistant museum board.

The “Hamburg” frame is a real wooden frame made in a carpenter’s workshop.

The anti-reflective Mirogard museum glass provides special depth and brilliance with reduced reflections.

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