Award winning work “From Darkness to Night” – Portrait format – Baryta – motif 30 x 45 cm – UNIKAT


Photo print behind Mirogard Museum Glass
Baryta paper
Limited edition UNIKAT / 2 AP, signed & signature stamp
Motif size: approx. 30 x 45 cm
Outer dimensions: approx. 61,7 x 76,7 cm
Passepartout white 12 cm
Frame: Hamburg, profile 40 mm, oak black
Glass: Museum Glass
Hanging device included

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“From Darkness to Night”

BIFI Budapest International Photo Awards
Bronze Winner / Fine Art – Special Effects

Monovisions Photography Awards 
Honorable Mention / Conceptual

Buildings, old and modern. Doors, gates, windows, open or closed. Stairs, up and down. Human, there, not there, but always lonesome. This series of black and white photo artworks by Michael Nguyen uses the contrast of not only things, light and darkness but also of meanings to explore the inner contradiction, struggles and loneliness of human being. Contradictorily all of those is executed in a very calm manner. From the series: “Loneliness in the Realm of Light and Darkness”

The baryta paper, highly valued by photo experts, has a glossy surface with a silky shimmer. Brilliant white is excellently combined with rich black tones. With 315g/m your photo is especially stable. 75 years guaranteed brilliance.

Classic baryta paper in combination with state-of-the-art laser exposure provides the best conditions for your black-and-white photo. Developed in 1866, the processing of baryta paper is very complex and old-fashioned in the best sense of the word: the long soaking process for photo paper without PE coating and subsequent drying can result in slight deviations in the millimeter range.

The museum cardboard is cut precisely at an angle and is flush with the photo. The passepartouts are individually cut to size and are made of acid-free and extremely light-resistant museum cardboard. The Hamburg frame is a genuine wooden frame made in a carpentry workshop. The anti-reflective Mirogard museum glass provides special depth and brilliance with reduced reflections..