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In this portfolio Michael Nguyen shows very different works, different styles and different content. Partly in color, partly in black and white or in color key style we follow the artist in Moody days, we find minimalistic motives, scenes from daily life.

The color key images are black and white and red …. It is just a mood, an emphasize in a black and white world. Nonetheless, it is there to make us feel and think. Red is a strong color, which conveys countless meanings and emotions: love, lust, passion, anger, danger, revolution, etc. But here Michael Nguyen does not want to use the color as a means of conveying any ideas or emotions. The color is the message itself.

Daily life includes the way people usually act, think and feel on a daily basis. Michael Nguyen is sensitive to everyday situations, often in colour. Apart from the great similarities, lifestyles vary and people spend their days differently: We see quarrelling people in the evening in a pub or a group in their lunch break eating on the floor at the Spree River. There are days of complex emotions, sadness intertwined with emptiness, despair comes with hope, divinity with carnal sins. Michael Nguyen, with his sensitive touch, blended these feelings together in these otherworldly images.

The pictures from the series „Reduction“ are characterized by the fact that with only a few components in the picture different emotions are evoked by the viewer. His pictures fascinate through their reduction. The supposedly incomplete picture is completed in the imagination. The human encounter with baseness, malice, jealousy, and envy finds peace in the meditative view of the essential after the emotional stumbling.

Most works do not reflect reality but are his interpretation of a moment. In his art photography, he edits the image to underline the mood and feel of the emotional moment. A branch of the photography are photos that are recolored in retrospect by digital image editing. They are not natural color pictures but subjectively edited with the colors of the mind, which the artist thinks they best convey the emotions and messages across.

Some photos were taken in unusual difficult times: During this period of the Corona pandemic, most of us are stuck at home. Outside, distance to other people should be kept, social contacts should be minimized, walks only in pairs or with the family. An uncertain future lies ahead. They speaks about herd immunity – the COVID-19 crisis will change the world.