Historical Prague (1992)

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It’s the year 1992, October. We walk along with the photographer and poet Michael Nguyen on his expeditions through Prague. (In 1996, after water damage in the basement of his house, many negatives of this series along with others from the years 1988 to 1996 were damaged. Michael spent months restoring the negatives, scanning them with a cheap digital scanner. Then he gave the Praha photos partly with a sepia tone not only to cover the damaged parts but also to give them a nostalgic feel). They are made to look like paintings.

Through his photos, we look at the historical center of Prague with its Gothic and Baroque townscape, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. However, Michael Nguyen’s main focus is on the little things in the city’s streetscape: construction sites, shop windows, picturesque alleys, traffic signs and garbage bins, cars, telephone booths…