Heimat Gauting (ongoing)

Gauting Fox

A fox hunting or foraging in a snowy landscape in Gauting in front of a group of trees, behind a snowman built by children. Gauting is a municipality in the district of Starnberg, in Bavaria, Germany with a population of approximately 20,000. It is situated on the river Würm, 17 kilometres southwest of Munich and is a part of the Munich metropolitan area. Stockdorf, Grubmühl, Reismühl, Buchendorf, Königswiesen, Hausen, Mitterwies, Oberwies, Unterbrunn and Oberbrunn are included under the administration of Gauting. The city has been the hometown of photo artist Michael Nguyen since 2015. Michael Nguyen often shows urban landscapes as well as urban spaces. They all can enrich a life between buildings. In sports facilities, parking lots, bus stops, children's playgrounds, sidewalks, bike racks, shopping mall forecourts, among others, necessary, optional and social outdoor activities are feasible and offer the possibility of growing social life in the city. Nguyen accompanies us on little journeys through Gauting, to discover what the random walk leads us to. „Heimat Gauting“ is part of the series „By the roadside“ and „On the road in the Starnberg district“



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