FRAMES (2) – Urban Elements

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Michael Nguyen’s second part of his series Frames – the Urban Elements, which is the focus of his artistic work in 2020, shows not only architecture, but also cityscapes, buses, subway stations, sculptures and, occasionally, people in whom we recognize ourselves or relatives and friends. Diverse associations lead the viewer on a journey into the inner life of our soul where we recognize the walls and frames of our being.

We live in frames and we see this world in frames. Frames made of our flesh and bones, of our attachments & possessions. Frames made of social conventions, of our biases, of our prejudices. Frames made of our fear, hatred, and misery. They protect us, support us but also constrain and imprison us. They hold us back from seeing what’s true and what’s beyond the horizon of our mortality, of our limited perspective.

But we can escape, we can break those concrete walls, reach out and touch infinity or something we don’t know yet. Because they cannot contain our wildest dreams, our larger than life imagination, our deepest hope, our unshakable faith, our truest compassion and immense love for someone. Those things set us free and then we can see the frames that we used to live in.

The pictures of this series were taken in Basel, Berlin, Colmar, Copenhagen, Freising, Gauting, Munich, Starnberg, Stuttgart, Vienna …