Dance Theatre | Immertanz – BettIna Fritsche: “Genesis”

Dance enthusiasts from the age of 65 fill the well-known story “Genesis” with dance life, give their ideas individual physicality and thus create their own associative expression around the creation of the world.

All images are presented in a 20 x 15 cm acrylic glass block behind 25 mm thick acrylic glass. The crystal clear acrylic enhances the colour brilliance, the contrasts and the depth effect to an impressive 3D effect.

Immertanz # 19 - Choreographer and dancer Bettina Fritsche
at a rehearsal for "Immertanz”

When the composer Christian Ludwig Mayer presents his music for Genesis to the choreographer and dancer BettIna FrItsche from Gauting, it is immediately clear that everything the members of the ensemble want for a new project can be found here. Rhythm, power and colour, dynamic and stylistic variety form the sensitive basis for a lively examination of the mysterious process, the wonder of creation, always new, always endlessly fascinating.

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