Silence (ongoing)

Michael Nguyen’s new series “Silence” shows photographs taken in various cities from 2020 onwards. His pictures primarily show outdoor shots of urban design at the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology. The shown interior shots almost seem like still lifes. Complete silence is perceived … Continue readingSilence (ongoing)

On the streets of solitude

Who says, streets are our most social lively spaces? Maybe. But they are also places of broken dreams, of empty selves, of collective solitude. Taken in the border triangle of Germany, France, Switzerland, the photographs of Michael Nguyen show gloomy cityscapes, cold and bleak: Empty … Continue readingOn the streets of solitude

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Frames (ongoing)

We live in frames and we see this world in frames. Frames made of our flesh and bones, of our attachments & possessions. Frames made of social conventions, of our biases, of our prejudices. Frames made of our fear, hatred, and misery. They protect us, … Continue readingFrames (ongoing)


In this portfolio I present some new works. On the one hand classical black and white photography (I love to work with strong contrasts and rich monochrome) and on the other hand color photographs often digitally edited. I hope you enjoy your visit. New series from … Continue readingNEW WORKS

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