Michael Nguyen’s work of portraying human conditions in a very human and touching way in his series THE WORLD AND EVERYONE WE HAVEN’T KNOWN (IN THIS LIFE) is continued with this series „On the streets“ with works from the years 2019 – 2020. Michael Nguyen’s … Continue readingON THE STREETS

Moody days

There are days of complex emotions, sadness intertwined with emptiness, despair comes with hope, divinity with carnal sins. Michael Nguyen, with his sensitive touch, blended these feelings together in these otherworldly images.  Most works do not reflect reality but are his interpretation of a moment. In … Continue readingMoody days


Michael Nguyen’s series „Reduction“ is characterized by the fact that with only a few components in the picture different emotions are evoked by the viewer. His pictures fascinate through their reduction. The supposedly incomplete picture is completed in the imagination. The human encounter with baseness, … Continue readingReduction

Daily life

Daily life includes the way people usually act, think and feel on a daily basis. Michael Nguyen is sensitive to everyday situations, often in colour. Apart from the great similarities, lifestyles vary and people spend their days differently: We see quarrelling people in the evening … Continue readingDaily life