FRAMES (Rahmen)

Michael Nguyen’s photographic artworks are paintings that lead us into our secret dreams, remind us of our past and lead us into the future without frames. In my Photographic Paintings from the series „Frames“, I work out a distinctive aesthetic effect of my pictures. Most … Continue readingFRAMES (Rahmen)


Taken during two autumn seasons (2018 & 2019), the pictures depict the still moments of mostly small places around Germany and Switzerland. They are captured with soft color nuances and with the play of lights and shadows, but at the same time, they capture the … Continue readingTHE GHOSTS OF AUTUMN


The Moon, the Sun, black holes, galaxies, the dark, and the light. The whole universe is reflected in all objects in our lives and in ourselves. These pictures were created, mainly through double expose technique, from multiple photos of ordinary things. They represent the journey … Continue readingACROSS THE UNIVERSE

Historical Umbria 1988

In 1996, after water damage in the basement of the house from Michael Nguyen, many negatives of this series along with others from the years 1989 to 1996 were damaged. Michael spent months restoring the negatives, scanning them with a cheap digital scanner. They are … Continue readingHistorical Umbria 1988