By the lake, In the forest and in the meadow

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The burble of the water stream running through the forest clears our littered mind. The silent but resilient greenery of plants and trees soothes our inner turbulence. This warm, rustling earth always supports our wandering steps. This high blue sky frees us from our mundane worries and blows hope into our next breath. We are all wired to be calm and truly happy with those things. 

Michael Nguyen captures those feelings and atmospheres in these picturesque serene photos, which he has taken in spring 2020 when he walked through the forests and meadows in the Gauting area. We also accompany the photographer on some walks in Munich parks and cemeteries and also on walks on the shores of three lakes of the Five-Lakes Land. Although in black and white, these photos lack no color of feelings and emotions. And they give viewers the freedom of interpretation.

So in this disturbing time, go into nature with Michael Nguyen, with another person or two, or alone to enjoy what it gives us. And be thankful and respectful.

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