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Urban in Black & White

Michael Nguyen’s series “Urban“ (Urban Elements – Urban Spaces – Urban Landscapes), which is the focus of his artistic work from 2019 – 2020, shows buildings, cityscapes, subway stations, sculptures and, occasionally, people in whom we recognize ourselves or relatives and friends. Architecture is part … Continue readingUrban in Black & White

On the streets of solitude

Who says, streets are our most social lively spaces? Maybe. But they are also places of broken dreams, of empty selves, of collective solitude. Taken in the border triangle of Germany, France, Switzerland, the photographs of Michael Nguyen show gloomy cityscapes, cold and bleak: Empty … Continue readingOn the streets of solitude

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Michael Nguyen’s series “Silence” shows photographs taken in various cities. Many of this pictures primarily show outdoor shots of urban design at the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology. The shown interior shots almost seem like still life. Complete silence is perceived by many … Continue readingSilence

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Taken during two autumn seasons (2018 & 2019), the pictures depict the still moments of mostly small places around Germany and Switzerland (also Munich and Basel). They are captured with soft color nuances and with the play of lights and shadows, but at the same … Continue readingTHE GHOSTS OF AUTUMN

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The cover photo shows the image „Lockdown“ which was awarded at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2020 with “Silver” in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced. During this period of the Corona pandemic, most of us are stuck at home. Outside, distance to other people should be … Continue readingFrames

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